The wildest bedroom in the world.

We moved our big bed into a tiny room. It is only 8 feet wide and 14 feet long. very small and it has short ceilings. My challenge is to make this the sweetest room in the house.

I bought a lamp from McKenzie Childs that is way wild. Lots of colors and a parrot and a big rock and amazingly unusual lampshade. When I first bought this lamp I thought how wild it is. Everyone who looked at it at first laughed and said how amazing it was or how ugly it was. Now months later after they are used to it they have been changed by it. It is no longer wild-bad but wild-wonderful. Now other lamps seem boring compared to it. Even my mother, who laughed out loud when I first got it, now loves it. I mean loves it because it gives her joy.

I am telling you this lamp story because that is the way we are, We hate anything new and we cannot see it at first. People thought the Eiffel Tower was ugly when it was first built. They were horrified.  That is how it goes with new things. Do not give up if people hate your work at first. They have to grow into it sometimes. This is true of enormously great new works. You need time to accustom your eyes to new things.

The Best Life in the World

I think I should acknowledge when I have the best life in the whole world.

I am so fortunate to be an artist. I spend all day being with my wildest thoughts and putting them down on canvas and people really respond to them, and I sell a lot, and the more I do the more I can do.  So I would pretty much say I am as close to heaven as anybody can get. It was worth the years and years of painting till I got it right. It was worth every last drop of sweat and struggle. It is more than worth it because lets face it, everybody has to sweat and struggle anyway. Not everybody gets a massive pay-off though.

This is my new goal, sell everything I paint and give gobs of money to other people who are not as extremely fortunate as me. That is how the world works:  if It gives you a lot you better give back twice as much. I am going to write a book and illustrate it. It will be a creativity book for children and adults who want to think like a child again. and be free to be who they uniquely are.