Twilight or waking up the Giant

When we are just waking up and are not quite awake, that time is twilight. You are still foggy and in a dream state and the benefits from being in that state are still available to you. Thomas Edison would take naps and hold ball bearings in his hands. As soon as he would fall asleep his hands would relax and the bearings fall out and crash on the floor waking him up. This was so he could be in twilight state of being. So this is not a new gimmick.

That is also why Julie Cameron in her book on creativity has you write morning pages. We have the most amazing connections right then. You don’t want to waste it, especially if you are thinking up a new plan for something. My husband has to listen to a steam of talk from me the minute I am aware of morning. My dreams are fresh and still around. This time is almost like a vapor it leaves so quick. I have had breakthrough ideas during twilight. You can access this ability if you know about it even more and make a point to write down thoughts first thing or tell someone.

I call it waking up the giant.

The Seven Intelligences

An essential part of the definition of creativity is that it is not only original and useful, but occurs in a specific domain. This view highlights the importance of recognizing the areas in which a childs particular bent falls. One way to understand this is to think of it as seven kinds of intelligences:  Languages, Math and Logic, Music, Spatial Reasoning, Movement, and Interpersonal Intelligence.

Making school a place where each of these ways of learning are offered would be the very best as it would include everyone. Traditional schools focus on Languages and Math and Logic. You are going to have a hard time getting good grades if you have other kinds of intelligence. You might be labeled a slow learner even. What a traumatic stigma to have to go through when you just have a different learning capacity.  I was one of those who did not fit in very well with traditional education.

If I could start a school I would incorporate all the seven intelligences and let the children pick the one that they can use the best. Everyone would love school then. Everyone knows we are each unique, why then have a system of schooling that is so narrow. It takes a lot more work to incorporate all the styles of learning but it wold be more useful for everyone.

Also the first few years of life are crucial to building a good foundation for living the rest of your life. I think we should throw the Television out and develop amazing play areas for children so they can find out how they learn best. If you know that half the battle is won.


The ironic think about this blog is that it is super personal and I am talking about the most important things and I am deeply sharing my heart , but it is in an isolation tank.

I write and really hardly anyone writes back more than a few words. the counter says lots of people have read this but I wonder what they are thinking.

This is what I would like to see happen. People begin to write back and they write to each other about the topics I am talking about and share their insight and experiences.

then we all can benefit. But until that happens , I am in solitary confinement. It is one thing to actually be alone and write but this is sort of a two way street.

I would love it if someone totally disagreed with me and told me so. I would also love it if someone took it to another level and proved me wrong. I also wonder what the spam is about. Is there a person who sends notes out just to get on some kind of a list. I don’t know.

Until I do know I think I will keep on till someone writes back really writes back and shares something important.