San Francisco

When I was young and lived in San Francisco, there was another thing that happened to me. There was another thing that I did. I sold art door to door. This might sound impossible but that is what I did. I thought if I got several artists to paint my picture I could go around to all the houses and they could have their picture painted by the artist that they liked. I thought, well photographers do that why not artists. Goofy as it sounded it worked. I found several artists and they all did a portrait of me and I walked around and sold art.

A woman answered the door at the first house I went to and said “Oh what a great idea. Oh sure let them come and do our family portrait.” It was a hundred dollars a person in the painting. The client was happy to have the artist come to their house and do that.¬† Sometimes clients wanted something different. One house had three guys living there and they wanted a picture of them all drawn like start trek characters. That cost more but they were delighted with the picture.

Looking back I cannot believe I did this funny job that I made up. But the clients were happy because I came to them and they did not have to find me. I found them. That started me on the art brokering idea. I went to businesses too after that and then I really found clients on a larger scale. I called my business “Art in my Heart” That is the most unsophisticated name in the universe but then I did not care. I was into being honest and true and that was exactly how I felt.


We are creatures of habit. We feel confident in our habits. The trap of a habit is you close your eyes to doing things better.

I hate swimming. So I never do it. I have a habit to hate swimming. What if swimming will take my work to a new level by learning to love swimming. Is it worth the bother.

Yes, Variety is so important to growth that yo should push yourself to do even what you dislike. I had a few bad experiences with swimming and now I look at a pool and think ug. there it is the pool. I should go swimming for a week and see if it gets better. This is just one small thing. There are dozens of things every day that I avoid. It is all worth it to make your mind stronger and increase your ability to SEE.


Everyone enjoys brainstorming. All these ideas being tried on for size. Very fun but is that the best way to come up with a great solution? I have an example of how brainstorming can be a trap.

When you brainstorm with a group of people, three things happen. One is that you will be energized and excited and it is actually intoxicating, that is good and really fun. Two is that you will feel powerful and you will think things through only minimally so we are in pretty shallow water here. Third is you will develop group think and that is the bad thing about brainstorming. Group think takes good ideas, and dilutes them to fit the group. Everybody wants approval from the group. This is the trap.

A great idea may not be the most popular one. In fact I would contend that the most popular idea is rarely the best one. The best thing is to do the brainstorm, and then go home and mull it over. Then come back and rethink and evaluate  anew. Remaining objective and away from the emotion of the group will give a clearer thought.

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I was reading a book about elegant solutions. Solutions that are clean and simple and incredibly powerful. Did you know that the faster a person “Gets what you are going after” the more they will remember it?

I was thinking of this book in light of more than just marketing. It also can apply to living solutions. Sometimes doing one simple thing well is better than 10 things done poorly. I am thinking of the way everyone says they multitask . You are doing several things poorly. So that is not really what you wanted to accomplish.

Long summer days afford us the daylight to get more done but maybe it is better to get less done. Just make sure that one thing is done to the very best of your ability. Throughout time, time has been 24 hours a day. Everybody had that much time to do everything.

Elegant living is taking everything out that is unnecessary to your mission statement . You better have a mission statement so you know what to cut out. Painting is like that.  I might work a ton and get just one good painting so I am questioning whether I am working too hard trying to get a result and need to spend more time listening to what the painting is telling me. Frustration and stress are antithesis to elegant living.