I have to remember all the times things worked out at the last minute in my life. About eight million times. Why is that so hard to remember when something else happens.

Rule for me when anything happens that is unexpected.

!. remember all the times before that turned out good

2. Dont blog about it because it makes it bigger than it is

3. Dont get upset and freak out because then you cannot think straight. Freaked out thinking is never never never smart. It is always always always over reactive.

4. Let time pass before jumping to conclusions.

5. Be proactive

All this I would tell someone else .

It is like a paintings that is not coming together and is exasperating me. I might be one second from seeing what the painting wants. One second.

One second.

I have to be a CEO. not a worker.

I am not working at a job I am driving a company that is me somewhere. I have to be calm and smart and have a brilliant plan.

Seeing yourself as the boss of a company is way way way better view of reality than just a worker bee. If you are just a worker in your life then you will always be reactive to the boss who who think is someone else, But reality is you are the boss. YOU are the boss.