I love to paint  womens’ faces. And I also love to see other artists paintings of  womens’ faces. I love Modigliani , Mary Cassat, Renoir, Mattisse, of course but there are modern ones too. I will explore them with you at a later date, but right now I just want to mention why I love paintings them so.
A face is the first thing we experience in life. we look into our mothers face. And a face is probably the last thing we see too.
We look at ourselves in the mirror all the time/ How does our face look. We present our best face to the world. Our ees are windows to our souls. well what is more compelling than that.
probably nothing. everything else is supporting material. All the buildings and cars and trains, and space ships and landscapes and everything everything everything is supporting material for a face and what is behind that face.
How can I not paint faces forever when they are so important.

The time between breaths

We are allotted only so many breaths. The countdown starts the second you take your first and finishes when you breathe your last.  A set time. We count the years, but really you don’t get complete years. You only get that next breath. That is it. Then the test is done, and you have to face your maker.

As this is a sobering thought I thought it appropriate for Good Friday, the day on which Christ breathed His last for us. Think on these things today as the world goes on and most people don’t ever think about anything but having fun and being comfortable and amusing themselves.  Till they breath their last.


I hate running. I hate running. I hate even the thought of it. I want someone to come to my house at 6am and pick me up and make me go out there. I want to learn to not hate running. I want it to be my friend. I want someone to come over and say, “okay, lets go” and drag me out of bed because I don’t want to get up.

Tell me why you love running, all you runners. Why do you love pounding the streets in the freezing cold?

This entry has nothing to do with art and everything to do with art as unfortunately your body is connected to you mind; and to make your mind work best, you have to (ug) exercise. You have to, even if you hate it.

We don’t always get to do what we love. Sometimes we have to do what we hate. I will tell you how it goes.

Running.  Ick, oh ick. oh ick.

Ballet Dancers

When I was a young girl, I took ballet lessons. This is a normal rite of passage for most girls at one point in their lives. They love the glamor of the tutus and all the pink silk.

Ballet is about as far from glamorous as you can get.  ballet is about being so strong that you are almost a machine with a soul.

I had a teacher that was fantastic in that even though he had a class of little 8 year old girls and one boy, he did not hide the fact from us that it was hard work and we would need to push our little eight year old bodies into submission. He made that clear.

The earlier you  learn this lesson about life the better. You coast through life and you coast into atrophy. It is really hard to make atrophied muscles work again. You have to start from square one.  Ug.

A friend of mine asked me to run a marathon with her for our sixtieth birthday. Well I would rather die than do that. That tells me one thing. I should do it. ug. That is how life is. pushing all the time or you are dead.

The sooner we get used to that idea the easier it will be. I am talking  to myself now but I bet there are some folks that are saying yes and amen to what I just said.