A leader

A leader is not someone who is the boss. A leader is not someone who is the pushiest person in the room or the loudest.
You cannot make someone into a leader.
A leader is just a person with passion about an idea and they act on that idea,
People want to be part of a great idea and if someone has one everyone will naturally gravitate toward that person.
That idea can be a character quality, or a genius way of doing something that has not been done before.
Two things passion and good idea equals a leader being born.
You have to have passion or it is like a spark that could be a flame but nobody blew on it and made it roar into being.
You have to have passion.
Everyone wants to be passionate about something and if you present a good thing everyone will want to jump on the passion boat and sail away with you.
You can stop being a leader at any time by turning new found passion into a look how great I am thing. People wlll not follow those who think they are better than the idea.
So a sustained leader has good ideas, passion and humility.
Take anyone of those ingredients out and you get a lot of people leaving the room.

The Best Time

When things are going great, why capitalize on momentum? What is it in a person that causes them to desire anything above mediocrity? Comfort can be the bane of change; ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ Comfort: good, change…well, if you mean risk and the unknown, change is bad. Comfort is good, retirement even better; don’t rock the boat. Hey, I’ve achieved my equilibrium. But difficulty, deprivation and want spur us to action or plunge us into despair. Change, even forced change (which it usually is) can be the best thing to occur.

When all seams bleak lift up your gaze and look for those possibilities. This could be the impetus for a better vocation or a new direction that would never have been considered otherwise. The same amount of energy being pessimistic and defeated can be redirected looking for those possibilities. It is our nature to grovel in the sewer; one can distinguish themselves by continuing to Ask, Seek and Knock. Few do it so the odds are in your favor that you will distinguish yourself and find success. If you are going down, go down fighting.

It has been reported that there are those who have lost their home, sold their belongings and ended up feeling FREE, unencumbered to pursue their dreams. When you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain you will tend to be a little more adventuresome. Life is always limited by your thinking/perceptions. Crossing the street or the country is always one step at a time.


People put out rays if you like of energy when they walk into a room full of people. Did you ever experience that awareness of someone immediately? Some people walk in as though they are wanting to be invisible. They get their wish.
Do not be like that.
I think everyone in the whole world will agree with me when I say that I need you to be there.
I want your special individuality that only you can give.
Who knows what you have that I may benefit from.
But it out there. It is not being an egoist. It is being generous with the life you have. Give it away whenever possible.
Shyness is just looking at yourself too much.
Don’t look down, Look out into the eyes of someone who may need you. Or visa versa.
My husband does this big time in a room full of people. He goes a looking for someone to talk to. He does not care if they don’t know him at all. He goes right up and says hello assuming they are just waiting for him to do that. He is tremendously aggressive with strangers with his life. I used to cringe when he would do that when we even went for a walk around the block but now I am proud. He is putting himself out there and so far nobody has been upset. They seem relieved that someone would talk to them. I thought he would be bothering them but no they are thrilled to have him talk to them about anything. I think people are happy to meet him.
I used to be so upset when he did this but I think I was just feeling guilty. It is easier to be shy. It costs you nothing. But it also gives nothing and that is the crime. You should not be stingy with life. Give it away.


People think artists know what the work will turn out like before they start. I dont think any artist knows that. They might have a general idea of how it will look but even the general idea is pretty far from what it ends up being.
Even when I am coping another painting that I did, nothing comes out the same and I do not know how it will go till I get there.
We are not machines that can copy over and over the same thing. It is always fresh.
I think that is a blessing. It would be so boring to reproduce exactly what is in front of you.
Even photorealistic painters work looks a lot like the original but has a very different feel.
Going 3D to two is different. Photography is like that too. And you are taking a picture!
Nobody knows what the end product will be.
That way it is always interesting.