The end of the world

It is not the end of the world if you don’t know everything about what you are doing.
the learning curve can also be the new curve or the smarter curve.
There have been lots of inventions from what appeared to be a mistake at first. It is just because we don’t recognize it.
Interior decorators have this happen all the time. Pick some weird color and for some reason it works and is all the next rage.
People are starving for new and different because we have the capacity to be creative. It is like a drive in us .
I have learned to just let it be when I am making a mess on the canvas instead of a
That mess might be just what I need for the underpainting that is going to define the whole new painting just hours away.
I have a friend that is learning to fix up houses. She has not experience but she is learning slowly. Maybe on the way to learning she will discover more than just how to hang sheetrock. Maybe she will discover a new way to hang it as she does not have to preconceived notion of what the usual way to do it is. Maybe she will find a brand new way. It is a bold adventure for her that is a smart way to grow creatively as a byproduct.