Making art

It is possible to make art and not have anyone to sell it to. Most work you do will not get sold. Unless you know a lot of people that are looking at your work and love what you do and fall in love with it.
Art buying is a love story.
You don’t need art like you need to pay the phone bill or get a car to get to work. You dont need art to live.
But I would rather buy art than pay the phone bill or put gas in the car or pay the electric bill. I hate paying those things and if I could think of a way to live off the grid in the woods somewhere I would but in the meantime I have to pay them.
But art makes life wonderful and exciting and it is the gift that never stops giving. Everytime you look at it is pay off time,
So art buying is a super treat.
That is why artists are so fortunate to be artists. They can fill their house with their own work.
Artists are never poor.
Even if you never sell anything you r whole life, it does’t matter. You can make art and fill your life with it and so you are like a king.
When you are an artist you might think that it is no big deal but most people do not have an art filled house and you do.
And here is what else I think. You don’t have to be an artist really.
If you have any inkling of desire to produce art yourself I recommend that you do.
Any art on the walls is better than no art.
I think there should be a rule that you should just
go out a buy a canvas and do something. Even if it is not that great, it is fun to make what you want on your own walls.
Walls are not sacred holy shrines that only masterpieces can go on.
If I was king I would make it a law that everyone has to paint one painting a month and put it up on the wall whether you want to or not. What would happen to the whole world if that law went into effect. The only fun law in the world,

Changing Lanes

Sometimes you have to throw a good idea under the bus for a better one. You can’t be too in love with your creative ideas because it might not be forever. Also you can’t take it personally. It is not about who had the idea, it is about the idea, Great ideas trump good ideas every day of the week.
Ideas are sometimes not good enough for one thing but they might work for something else.
Everything is like painting a picture.
Ideas are only alive in the creative stage . all things are possible in the creative stage.
When things get concrete you are not able to quick change anymore. You are committed.
And as I said earlier in a blog. it is good to make a choice and go on to the next thing.
But in the inception stage all bets are off and you can go in any direction that is smartest.
I totally changed the name of my store.
Il loved Baboo but thought of something way way better and now I have a clearer concept in mind too.
Driving down to the ocean I was taking with my friend via text about the store name and I thought I made my mind up but she said something that made sense so off we went picking new and improved names.
So I changed lanes while we were changing lanes on the freeway.
Creativity is the most powerful thing we have at our disposal and you better use it often or your creative powers will shrivel up and die. And you don’t want that!

Does it matter

There is a four year old girl that is on you tube who is painting abstract paintings and they are selling in a gallery in New York for 20 thousand dollars each.
I watched the video of her and she did seem to have an eye. Then I got to thinking what would my four year olds do with a canvas on the floor that was bigger than their tiny bodies. What if there were tons of paints sitting right by the canvas. What if I left them in a room for a couple of hours and told them just have fun. Would they be able to produce anything worth looking at.
That is the question because how many four year olds have unlimited access to paint and canvas and freedom to just do it.
I think that is a good question.
Is this little girl genuinely a gifted artist with a sensitive eye even at her young age or could anyone do it.
We will find out because I have to ability to do this with my kids that I teach.
Here is my deeper question. Is it possible to do something knowing nothing.
My contention is maybe so.
Does talent sometimes get in the way of creativity. Maybe so.
I have that experience myself. I cannot draw very well. I never could. But I still felt driven to paint so I do simple paintings that were pretty childlike looking back. But I still like them for their simplicity. Then something happened . I somewhere down the road learned to draw just through repetition . Now I can draw and now I rely on it to do a painting.
I have another question , was it better before I had skill.
There is a documentary about Matisse that showed him creating the chapel that he had built and then did all the art in it for this friend of his that was a nun.
It was the last thing he did on this earth.
He did some of the most simple abstract work of his life for the chapel. To me it is charming and wonderful work but some people disagree.
He put is lifetime of skill aside and went for pure
emotion. It was important to him to get it right.
So without thinking about someone having to buy the work this is what he did.
His stations of the Cross look like a four year old
did them.
Is an artist born that way. Are we all capable of being artists if we choose?? That is the question.


I have a space for a store in my studio building. In the usual creative style that I have I was just letting it sit there a bit while I made my mind up what to have there and what to call it.
this morning I decided on calling it Baboo.
Let me tell you why. I used to have a friend in San Francisco that was Jewish. She would always call her baby Baboo for a nickname. She would sing the sweet Baboo song and I thought it was the most wonderful thing. So to me Baboos are all the wonderful things in the world.
The sweet wonderful things.
that is what I want to sell in the store. I know so many artists of course as they are my species, and so I want to support them in making some money so they can do more art. that is what we artists live for. sell art to do more art. We are kind of art junkies but that is the nature of the beast, but it is a nice beast. It is a sweet beast. it is a Baboo beast.
I will make it the kind of store that you don’t want to leave… ever because it feels so good to be there. I will always have some delicious treat there and always have tea. not just any tea but art tea. special tea. and not just any noshie thing. art noshes. Baboo will become a verb too and mean a very special way of doing something that is unique. This store is a super creative project and will be my class fleshed out. I figure I better walk the walk.
I can’t tell kids they can do anything and then not do some big fat project myself.
Yup[, this year is the year to fly away into the outer limits of my ability which I teach the kids is endless.
Baboo is a super delicious creative wonderful thing.