60 foot Lava Lamp in Soap Lake

The way to market anything is get people to talk about it. People are starving for something fresh all the time. When an idea is fresh we see it. It becomes a new thing to add to our idea base for what is possible. Saying anything is possible is ok but seeing something demonstrated is a million times more inspirational. When we see a new idea, we all have an ahha moment. It gives us hope that we too can expand beyond what we already think is possible. That is why the Soap Lake Lava Lamp is so important to do. It is the impossible realized and I know that on many levels people would be inspired to conquer their surroundings and step out into the realm of the impossible.

2 Replies to “60 foot Lava Lamp in Soap Lake”

  1. Soap Lake does have a 15 year dream realized, the “Calling the Healing Waters”, the worlds first human figure sundial. It sits on the east beach on a 45 Promontory Plaza overlooking the lake. It’s so beautiful.

  2. Yes I am aware of it. I did not know it was the worlds first though. that was quite an accomplishment for Soap Lake. The enthusiasm is there for more big thinking in this small wonderful town

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