A dating service

With a title like that I am sure I will get spam that is not about people looking for creativity ideas.

I used to be an art broker. I found a lot of artists that needed people to look at and maybe buy there work. I had clients that were looking for some artwork and did not know where to start to find them,
I was just thinking how extremely similar to a dating service this is.
Where do we find each other.
Artists are in their studio alone mostly working away on whatever they need to spend all their time doing.
Art buyers are busy with their lives and the chances that they will meet someone who has that perfect piece for them is pretty slim.  A work of art  might turn a house into your home.
Artwork is so personal. Art buying is not like going to Costco.
It is not just merchandise. It is a mirror reflecting your insides so you have to find something that you can viscerally respond to. A work of art that speaks to your heart.
Galleries are one way and all the business that goes along with them,
I know many artists that are not in galleries right now and does that mean they are less important than someone that is hooked up with a gallery?
What a shame that those artists do not have people to see all their work too if you are looking to get something.
It is like half the choices are in the closet.
So that is where a broker comes in handy.
Then you can explore all the options. The brokers main job is know where all the art is. They should be a go to person for a list as long as your arm.
And the art buyer. They are as unique as the artist. They each have their personal taste and longing to consider.
So it is a dating service . and the broker is the matchmaker.
That is the best job in the world besides being an artist.
It is the social end of it, Ideally , the artist makes the art and the client meets the artist and then the work goes to its new home.
a marriage made in heaven.

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