A Portal

Artists create work from somewhere inside them. Nobody just paints what they are looking at. They always paint what is inside them.
And you can’t hide what is inside you. If you are full of rage that is what will come out. Even if you do a still life.
If you are full of contentment that will come out.
Of course that is true for all art forms.
It is impossible to hide your self from your work.
everyone else can be invisible and just do their job but creatives will always be x-rayed.
I remeber when I painted before my son was born I was full of rage and then after he came on the scene everything went soft around the edges.
Experience alters your work forever/
That is why art therapy works.
bad experiences can be painted out and you can see them and move on. If you see something in front of you you can deal with it. But if it is hidden inside your uncounscious then it will drive you and you won’t know how to find it.
Art is a kind of portal.
that is why everyone should do some kind of expressive thing. You have to know what is in there before you can deal with it.

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