A Portrait

I was thinking that there is something radically different about a painting of you than a photograph of you. A photograph captures a second in time. A painting captures the entire essence of you and is very timeless. Even a baby portrait will have all the face that is ever going to be there till the end of your life already visible.
At first I thought baby portraits were not going to be like that but they are like any other portrait.
I am painting a 4 month old baby. First glance well there is a baby but if you look a little bit deeper you can see what her Mom looks like and her Dad and what she will look like all grown up. It is all there.
No portrait is frivolous. They are important statements of your facts. This is your face that you have been given and what you do with that face is up to you.
I think about this too when I am painting someone. All the life that they will live.
I am not looking at how pretty they are but how wonderful just have a unique identity in that face. Each face is wonderful. Each one.
Look and See.

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