Trying to put into words what I do for a living as a painter is a difficult thing to do. This isn’t even my mission statement. It is a description of what I do on a deep level so anyone can understand it. So I am going through Ann Raes Creative Life seminar and it is very helpful for more than marketing. It is helpful on a soul level. If you are vague about what you do you won’t deliver the goods to even yourself.

I tried all sorts of things describing what I thought my ladies meant or the process, but that is meaningless to a buyer of my work. They just have to connect to my work on an emotional level, so all the blah blah is a waste of time.

Driving around in the car not even thinking about anything like this, A phrase came into my mind that felt right in my belly. It felt right and true.

The most important aspect of my  work is that it gives you feminine energy to balance your life. I was thinking about how most of our environs are masculine.  Like a craftsman house, so common here in the northwest. Big massive wainscoting and big crown  moulding and dark wood. Is any of that feminine and nurturing. No it is totally masculine( I will take care of you and keep your safe from harm because I am so much bigger than you]Now there  is nothing wrong with that but most interior designers pair that kind of house with likewise craftsman furniture. Again big and massive. You might feel safe , but you won’t feel warm.

Same goes for contemporary modern houses. Big expanses of wall with clean lines in the furniture. Again masculine. The balancing of the two  is important for well being. I know this sounds new age  but you will not feel centered or comfortable in your own house unless you balance that out with something feminine. The power of that combo is universal and beautiful.

Now that I know what I do and WHY(which is the big part) I should be able to talk about what I do with more clarity and focus. And that is a fantastic feeling to clarify something that seems elusive  and space and random and magical and where did this come from??  The ghost has a body that I can describe. And that is power. And freedom.

And I think it would apply to every line of work.

The end of it all

The most important thing is to have life in your work. Life comes where it is not planned . Life comes from someplace outside of what you already know. Life comes quickly and you can’t paint over it trying to improve it because you can’t believe it came so fast. Usually  it does not come quickly, but sometimes it does and when it does you better leave it alone. This painting was one like that. It came out in only two days and when it was there I was afraid to wreck it because you can in a minute. Especially with ink which is kind of a miracle thing that is here then gone.

so this great painting came up and It was fast so I tried to not ruin the fresh life feel and carefully finished it. One more day and gallons of water thrown… But it ended up great and here it is. I am surprised how fun it is.  here it is. Life.

mission statement

What is your mission??? I have been asking myself that for 5 months. Trying to make it fit in a neat package I could put my head around, strive for and focus on.

Then I had this epiphany… Your mission is not up to you. Its picked for you by God. Its not up to me to figure it out. Because I cannot see the whole plan for my life that I did not even pick. Did I pick where I was born? no  Parents? no,  skills??? no . I just got them.

All I have is what I have at any given moment. Everything could go away tomorrow. So much for planning for your  life. I mean you can go in one direction and end up somewhere else.

This is Good Friday, Even Jesus didn’t pick his mission statement. His Father  did. His Father  picks everything.

Mission statements usually are about how to get what you want in a way that makes you happy.

People just want to feel valued . Like their life matters in a unique way. If you don’t think that you would probably kill yourself at the first hardship.

My mission statement is to  be a worker at what I do in the best way know how. Give what you got. End of story. Give everything away that you have. My mission is to give whatever I get to whomever wants it

what you keep you lose in the end anyway. Be a river. A river of life runs though it. Flow out into all the places that need water.

that is what I want my art to be defined as. A drink of water. Pure and simple. 

The Teardrop Chandelier

My husband and I bought a chandelier that was not like any we had see before. It was handblown in Murano and each teardrop glass had rainbow colored paint on one side. Each teardrop is unique and they are all different sizes with one even being bent. We love the bent one. Even though it is clear the stripe of rainbow on each piece makes they whole thing look like a rainbow even in the dark.

It looks like it is raining rainbows if you  stand under it.

Even though I took a dozen pictures of it , I could not capture the rainbows. It just looked like clear glass.

sometimes you have an experience that is hard to transmit. I imagine people suffering with depression or people feeling grief might have that problem.

Somethings you just have to experience it  yourself to understand.

Words can get in the way, Words say only what you know the words to mean. That’s all they can do. When words are not enough, tears say more.

Tears are not common, they  come from the deep place where words stop.

I like to think of my teardrop chandelier with rainbows  as coming from that same deep place That place is the most beautiful.