I saw a movie last night called Exit through the Gift Shop. What  a revelation. It is about this guy who films street artists but does not make movies. He just films them and puts the tapes in a box.

He starts making street art from blown up copies of drawings at Kinkos . The Street artists have a show and it is a big hit in Los Angeles.  He basicalls copies them but does not do any of the actual art. He just alters famous art with spray paint and has a big big show that is totally self promoted. He makes a million dollars and becomes and overnight (literally) sensation. He sells his altered prints for 24 thousand dollars. He does not even make the work. He hires people to do it for him. He calls himself Mr. Brainwash.

This really happened and they were selling his stuff at Sothebys. This really happened.

If there are no rules in art then anyone can make it and you can never say what is art and what is not. There does not have to be a  true connection with anything. It is like the Emperor has no clothes.

Whatever you can talk someone into believing is art then it is art. This movie totally illustrates that fact.

This is a commentary on life too. No rules or rules that are fluid then you have utter nonsense.

this movie made me sick  and it opened my eyes to the dangers of no rules. Anarchy is death of all that is good. Good has rules and is real.

It is like heaven and hell. This movie was about heaven and hell. People believe a lie and pay gobs of money for it and propagate it. Mr. Brainwash. He is like Satan. He is brainwashed too. Just because you make money does not validate you.

Go see this movie and see how the world is now.

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  1. Kind of a different point of view than “no idea is a bad one” blog from a while back. You seem to have seen the light that ther ARE some bad ideas.

    1. I think I clarified in my no creative idea is bad blog that you have to use common sense and not do anything that is flat out wrong . Cheating is wrong. exploiting someone else is wrong. Your creative idea should be genuine. right

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