I am a bit of a nomad. I get restless if I live in a place more than a year or so. I start looking for somewhere else to go. I am lucky my husband bought three houses so we could live in each for awhile. Now I live in a big house and am yearning for a small house again.

I thought I would like all this space but I don’t. I functioned better when we were in a small space. Now the big house is full of stuff. I think a house should be filled with people not stuff. Big houses are like garages now.

In the old days big houses meant lots of children lived in them.  But now big houses are just full of stuff. I always read about tiny houses. I love to see how little space you can live in. I think I would like to live in an RV too. Or a boat. Someplace small. Now I heat the this whole big house and nobody is in the rooms. Warm air for nobody. 

Anyone out there reading this live in a small space? Tell me about it.

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