Incredible Lightness

NOthing in life is light. There is no incredible lightness of being. There is only incredible heaviness of being. Everything you do and say and think is recorded. People would like to think everything is no big deal. Everything we do. But unfortunately it is. What is an artist to do with that? Is every painting counted as something or is it no big deal.  What does painting say that is important.

When I was young, I was so offended by the notion that violent abstracts are no really worthy paintings. It seemed absurd to me that you could put morality on art. Art  was freedom of expression. But now that I am older and I hope wiser, I think that art does have a responsibility to not offend God. I think God is absolutely creative but I do think he abhors glorifying violence or ugliness for ugliness sake.

I have seen art done just for the sake of shock and really who cares. If you have to shock someone and hope that that is hip enough to market then there is something  wrong there. People hate to say something is not good in the art world. They hate it and won’t say it. I also think the when art magazines write about art and use this  unbelievably complex jargon, they are trying to make it sound so important and intellectual that you feel stupid if you don’t get it. Art should be SIMPLE in the deepest sense of that word.

photo by this person.

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