I am opening a little store in my studio building.
The store is only about 10 feet by 12 feet so it really is a tiny store, but that is the kind I like.
When I leased it three months ago I had a vague idea to sell portraits out of it but now it is morphed into a french themed gallery of handmade and hand loved items. I like the fact that my friends are involved with the creation of iota. They are making this more like a joint venture than a solo show.
Its about them more than me and that suits me just fine.
This is my first retail store.
I am testing my theory that even if you don’t exactly know how to do something you can still go there.
Alice Waters who started Chez Pannisse in Berkeley quite a few years ago just was following a dream. I love the fact that she just hired college students to be chefs and they just made things up as they went.
Nobody went to school first.
Now Chez Panisse is one of the most famous restaurants in America.
I think the older you get the bigger the risks you should take. What is the worse that can happen. You die. And you will do that soon anyway. You might as well give everything a go and see what happens.
The best part of any dream is the inception. When all things might be possible.

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