My new store is named Iota. just a small space which I love and it is pink. It is going to be filled with things I love and that is all. I will not let anything in that is not what I love.
Every store should be like that. Every dream should be like that.
Every painting should be like that.
You should never never do something just because you think someone will buy it.
You should love it.
Or else you will hate your job eventually and let that stop you from being yourself. You will become a mad person that does not know why you are mad.
You will be sad and not know why.
You can make yourself love something if you put your mind to it so it is not impossible but that should be the goal.
love should be the goal.
Does that sound hippy dippy. well then so be it.
I love going into my store to be and just sitting there looking and dreaming and soaking up juices so I can be a fountain of love.
I will guarantee you that if you do that people will love your store too because you will be a magnet and attract them. That also sounds hippy but it also is true.
If I was going to die next month I would still open the store.
That is the thing. YOU have to love it that much.
It is the most fun thing in the world and it will be wildly successful because it can not be anything but. It is pure.

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