it is not enough

It is not enough to want to do something. You have to do it.
It is not enough to have a great idea. Whoever does it should get full credit.
It is not enough to be talented or smart and anything easy.
You get no points for any of those things.
NObody gives a rip what you have the potential of doing.
Only what you actually do counts.

Being easy on the eyes means nothing, being rich means nothing. Being an extrovert means nothing. Having all the chips fall into place means nothing. The only thing that counts is what you do for everyone else. That is the goal, do something everyone can benefit from and you will automatically be wealthy. Then you will be like compost. As soon as you are rich compost and use everything you have for the benefit others, life will have meaning beyond you. That is what you want in the end.  It’s not how great you appear but how much you gave.

photo from this guy

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