New Year’s Day

How important are you? Everyone is as important as they want to be.

The price of importance is this:  You have to be empty of yourself and full of others. This is the highest good that  anyone can do. If you know this you will not slack off and think you don’t matter. If you don’t matter it is your fault.   You are self centered and weak. Selfish is always weak.

Importance is not something you aspire to be it is something you can become in an instant. You just decide to be important. Pour yourself out for others do your very best always and plan to avoid wasting time. If you see time as not wasteable then you will give EVERYTHING the attention big living needs.  Some people think important people were made by someone else, some kind of luck of the draw.

A child can be important. A very old person can be important. In truth, we all have the ability to be important. This is an important year. It’s the only one we have right now.  Go use it up with all your might.

images courtesy of US Army

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