I just got back from spending three days in silence . NO radio or computer or any distractions. My friend and I  also spent time walking in the cold and not eating anything except fruit and vegetables. We talked about everything but mostly we enjoyed to silence. It is very quiet in Soap Lake and the sky is very big.

We slept a lot too. It was very wonderful and I think it was extremely useful to being well. Everyone should spend time in the quiet at least as often as possible. Being aware of time passing and actually feeling it is a wonderful thing.

I can see why someone would want to live in the wilderness of Alaska . You can feel everything better and your mind is clearer.

Heather Cornelius

I first found Heather Cornelius’ work at the Mad Hat Tea Company during a Valentines show. They had a lot of work there but Heather’s stood out to me like a lightening bolt. The sweetness of her sculptures was equally matched with inventiveness and charm and reality. I love how the folds of her body were so graceful and made being less than perfect actually quite beautiful. The face on the woman is especially endearing to me as it reminds a self confident mature woman who is at ease with her body.

We bought it immediately at the show and now it has been in a prominent place in our home for months and months. My husband and I went over to to her home and studio and were delighted to see several more wonderful works. I really liked the four foot ones and If I had enough I would love to put one in the garden.

giving and dreams

Most people are stingy about their lives. they only give their best when they are getting something in return. Whether it is monetary compensation or emotional pay off. But the best way to give is with no strings attached, except joy.
The ironic thing is when you give like that, expecting nothing in return, you get something far greater.
What you do get is freedom.

Last night I had an idea about giving something away that only I can give. Only we can give our dreams away. Dreams are just thoughts and vapors that appear whenever they want. But only we can make them happen and change from a fleeting thought to a tangible thing.

We only can share them when they change from a drifting thought and speak about them and act on them.
The dream I had last night will play out to be a beautiful reality that everyone can enjoy.


I have ideas all the time in the middle of the night. I am usually too tired to get up and write them down and then they vanish by morning. All that is left is a little fog of a trace that I can remember and it is not enough to actually get what the idea was. I discovered a new way to remember what I thought of without getting up. I get the idea then I put music to it. Any music that I think of at the time with Lyrics. In the morning the song is easy to remember and the new idea is attached to it. Voila idea remembered without getting up and writing it down.
Your mind just needs a hook that you already know to hang the new info on. This works as a study habit but I did not know it would work in the middle of the night.