Proactive and Reactive

There are two kinds of people. Proactive and Reactive. Most people are reactive. It is a habit.
If you can train yourself to be proactive you will start thinking of what good can come out of whatever situation you find yourself in. A reactive person will look at the challenge and say oh forget it.
I have a friend that used to hire people in a big company. She said she would always prefer the person with gumption over one with a great resume. Gumption can overcome everything.
Gumption is just another word for being proactive.
My mother recently hurt herself falling down and was in a great deal of pain for a few months. Even though she would grimace she would get up at 4 thirty and get my Dad up. Even though she could have stayed in bed she thought it would be good for her to get up and get going.

I am sorry to say that if I was hurt I would enjoy the vacation and stay in bed and not worry about everything for awhile.Good excuse.
But my Mom is not like that. She gets up and starts doing whatever she can do.
It was good to be with them for a couple of months to see what both of them are made of.
I think you should surround yourself with people that are like that. then guilt might come into play and then proactive living cannot be far behind.

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