Our style is similar to the glitter trail left by a slug. Wherever the slug goes, a thread is left of his life for all to see. How is this not a perfect metaphor for style? Like the slug, we all leave a trail behind us for all to see. Whether you want to or not, the trail of your thoughts and choices will follow you around wherever you go. Each turn  in your life ,will be illuminated by the sun .

Style is our insides leaking out . I have heard that you can cultivate style but it really is just  the result of what is going on inside your mind. Change that and your style will manifest naturally.

I recently had a short vacation with a dear magnificent friend. We did nothing but talk and walk and just be together. Her home is a reflection of the intense factory of her genius mind. Just being there was like soaking up nutrients.

We were soaking in the tub of love that she calls home .

I  think her slug trail would be made of not just glitter , but diamonds. Some people are just that beautiful. Everywhere she goes, diamonds follow her  life. the people she teaches, the husband she has, the family she came from, they all get to be renewed by her just being alive.

When you are in the presence of greatness, you should acknowledge it and revel in it.  How wonderful this life is to have people in it with diamond trails.


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