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I am going to be in Portland feeding my brain for a couple of days so I am writing two blogs right now.

Why do we like someone immediately?  Why is it possible to even love someone two minutes after you meet them. This has happened tome quite a few times. In fact unless it happens in two minutes then it never will.

I have a theory about this. People have either open spirits or closed. Everybody has a pretty spirit but they have to show it. If you cant walk around with it exposed all the time you will never find anyone to love you. You cannot love a closed spirit person. There is nothing to see and appreciate and love with the door slammed shut. You can admire that person but you cannot love them. Life it way to short not to love everyone possible. An open spirit person is one you have to vibe out. It is not necessarily a person who talks a lot about themselves. You just just have to have an open spirit. How else can I say this. You can even look in someones eyes and see in two seconds open or closed. If they dont even know you but look interested in you then they are open. If they look like they are bored with you then they are closed. Some people think aloof is great but I think it is death and horrible. Who are they trying to impress???

My philosophy is impress no one and love everyone. Think about how you are in the narthex between services. Open or closed?

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