The loss

Sometimes you have a friend that is an instant friend. You meet them and 10 seconds later you feel comfortable with them enough to relax and be yourself because somehow you feel like it is ok with this person to be like that.
When I first met Karen Cartwright she was sitting in her little store that was full of wonderful things. It was nice just to look in the window of the store and it made you want to go in.
She was very friendly to me as she is with most folks but when I told her I was the artist upstairs that did the painting in the hallway she screamed.
I felt like a movie star for one second. Your Sharika Roland??? Well the rest was history. we became fast friends and long friends.
I was just thinking how funny that was back then and how much she became a big part of my life within seconds really.
Now she is moving back to her hometown and I will not text her 50 times a day anymore because she will move on with her life and her day to day with new people.
When you get over a certain age you really don’t make a lot of new friends that you will have forever. It is different.
That is why losing my one second friend is so very hard. The odds of anything like that happening again are not very good.
Here is to girlfriends that help you live and change and see things differently .
I hope you all get to have a Karen experience. I hope you all do.

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