The Seven Intelligences

An essential part of the definition of creativity is that it is not only original and useful, but occurs in a specific domain. This view highlights the importance of recognizing the areas in which a childs particular bent falls. One way to understand this is to think of it as seven kinds of intelligences:  Languages, Math and Logic, Music, Spatial Reasoning, Movement, and Interpersonal Intelligence.

Making school a place where each of these ways of learning are offered would be the very best as it would include everyone. Traditional schools focus on Languages and Math and Logic. You are going to have a hard time getting good grades if you have other kinds of intelligence. You might be labeled a slow learner even. What a traumatic stigma to have to go through when you just have a different learning capacity.  I was one of those who did not fit in very well with traditional education.

If I could start a school I would incorporate all the seven intelligences and let the children pick the one that they can use the best. Everyone would love school then. Everyone knows we are each unique, why then have a system of schooling that is so narrow. It takes a lot more work to incorporate all the styles of learning but it wold be more useful for everyone.

Also the first few years of life are crucial to building a good foundation for living the rest of your life. I think we should throw the Television out and develop amazing play areas for children so they can find out how they learn best. If you know that half the battle is won.

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