This big painting

I am doing this very big mural like painting. Usually for paintings on a grand scale you work out the whole design first then just copy it. Even though this breaks every rule in the mural world, I am doing it one inch at a time. I am just being with it and letting it speak to me. I do not have a finished image i n mind.

I did another painting like this. Three French Hens. I consider it one of my finest paintings. I spent three weeks working on it day and night and what emerged was beautiful I think. Three French Hens started out as a woman standing beside a dresser. Eight million layers of paint later it turned into what you see in the post pic.

I have heard this technique called chaos painting. I call it looking for what the painting wants. When you do that you have to be in the zone where awareness of time is gone. You are just with it.  When you are in the zone you are in total right brain and it is hard to go to the left side very quickly. I cannot talk when I am in the zone. You pray for being in the zone when you are a painter. It is where you meet heaven’s time and you can fly.

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