Walk away

The simple act of walking away from a stressful situation and regrouping and getting some perspective can be a welcome path when you don’t have a clue how to proceed.
Everyone knows that relaxing and thinking about something else can free up your mind to solve problems . but the walk away is a little more than that,
You still are looking at the issue, but you are standing back from it more and more till your perspective changes.

Under duress, people move closer to the said problem. and try and examine it with a microscope.
The closer you get the more you cannot see the forest through the trees.
And the closer you get the bigger the problem gets.
I recently(this weekend) experienced the walk away.
Once I saw the whole picture in context with everything else it was easy to see a solution.
Artists have these gismos that you can look through to see your painting as if from afar. It really does help to get it away from you. I also take a picture of it and put it on the computer and look at it small on the screen.
I can see every flaw in a second.
But the great thing is it works for everything else in life too.

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