When we are content

There is something in us that is not content with now. I find I cannot wait to get started then I can’t wait to finish then I can’t wait to see what happens then I can’t wait to get the next one done.
All the while missing the enjoyment of just being where I am right now.
Nothing will get better or seem clearer when that letter comes in the mail. Then I will have a new set of questions.
I don’t know if television and advertizing does that to us.
Why can’t I just sit on the porch for a minute and feel the sun on my face and do nothing else.
You lose your focus when you cannot slow down and breath,
that is what I tell the kids in my art class. Take a deep breath and calm down so you can think.
One thing that can slow you down is reading quietly. Read the words one by one and feel the flow that was carefully crafted in the authors hand. Back and Forth one word at a time. Movies flood you with images and words and sounds and you really don’t have time to absorb it.
The pace of a movie is stuffed full of shortcuts to get the point across while a book takes its time .
The watching of movies might even throw the rythm  of life off and you have this sense of being rushed.
We used to read the morning paper now we scan everything on the internet.
And a letter handwritten with pictures enclosed is not the same thing as a facebook posting quicly sent out.
What are the effects of this on our lives. Why do we hav to move so fast. We used to walk downtown and go shopping. Now we buy everything on the internet. or rush to the mall or make a mad dash to a store that is full of cars all in a hurry to get in and get out.
What is the cost of this on our lives, Our only life that we have to spend,
Why is fast better?
Just a few ideas on the back burner today making me take another look at the fast and furious way we live and die,

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