knowing when to stop

There was a tee shirt I saw in the eighties that said “Art is knowing when to stop. ” That is so true. How many paintings have I taken it just a tad too far and then lost the quality I was looking for all day. And once you have lost it, it is impossible to find it again just the way it was.

If a painting paints itself quickly and is perfect and mind blowing and I can’ t believe it, the best thing to do is walk away from it . Do not look at it again and think well maybe just one more thing.  Leave it be .

That painting will be better than anything you have struggled over for days. Tomorrow I will do nine paintings at once. That way I won’t have time to ruin them. I will tell you the result of no time to get me involved. They will have to paint themselves without any help from  me.


People often ask me why I only paint women.
Well why does anybody paint anything. It is compelling to me and never gets old but only gets more interesting the more I paint them. Women have everything I love. They are curvy and that curve is repeated all over their face and body. I am painting that curve over and over and I also include it in the background over and over in all my work.
I am in love with that simple curve. Men have a different curve. They are more angular and well masculine.
You should paint what you see that maybe nobody else sees and if you look you will find the simple curve that compels me to work all day. Look for the curve in everything I do.