The Interiors Show

balancThese paintings were slowly completed over three months. Unlike my other shows I let them go where they wanted to. Once I did that it turned into  a room of its own.

I always like the idea of making a room where you can make it just the way you want for yourself.

I know my webmaster Phil has a room like that full of his favorite things.

We all should do that if possible. Even a corner of a bigger room that you take over for some personal reverie. We all would flourish in that kind of welcome safe stimulating cozy space.

Tiny is fine here in fact tiny is better. A private room should be like a hug round you and large spaces cannot do that very well. Your mind has to far to go.

Each painting spoke to me like this. Just a space where delight was found. The poems came naturally from being in those rooms ,

the show feels comfortable.Private.Secret.