The Art Studio of
Sharika Roland

shari2Sharika Roland is an artist who is fascinated by faces and people. She begins her works with a brush drawing of a face or figure. Then she applies ink, paint and gel in various layers to create rich colors and textures. Along the way her images are painted, scrubbed, rinsed off, then ink and paint are reapplied until the final image is finally revealed. The artist states that the process of discovering who her figures will become keeps her “intrigued and absorbed.” It is as if she is getting to know the characters in a play or in real life situations. Sharika states that the process takes time, patience and a willingness to trust that a person’s true nature will be revealed “when the time is right.”


Sharika acknowledges that Matisse’s paintings inspire her, especially in his works of women in relaxed domestic settings. Her bold, glowing colors, as well as expressive lines and form are reminiscent of Matisse.
Sharika has shown her work frequently in the Pacific Northwest including exhibits and competitions throughout the region. Her work is represented in the fine art gallery ARTFORTE, Seattle, Washington and is owned by private collectors throughout the world.
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