My Paintings

My paintings - I paint what I love to look atMy paintings are about INFINITY. I am painting faces and bodies that are where I am now. I paint what I love to look at. Color and a look and a feel and a purpose. It is amazing to me what kind of emotion and life force you can get out of a few brush strokes. In fact the simpler the better. What I look for in a really good painting is not just skill. It’s skill plus life. Without the life, it is meaningless and only decoration. My paintings are by no means merely decoration. They are the life-blood of a soul stained on the canvas for me to contemplate how I am like them. Most of the time, they are me in one way or another. One aspect of me and thus also one aspect of anybody. They are the refection of everyone’s life. People relate to my paintings because they are calling to a specific part of them that they might have forgotten and need to remember. They remind people of a place in their lives that they want to go again. I hope you enjoy the journey looking at these paintings as I did painting them.

Sharika Roland 2010

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