the wall

The second we get up in the morning we have a plan in mind of how the day should go. As soon as that plan gets thwarted by one thing going wrong, we get in a state of mind that is anxious. There is a reason things go wrong and that is we are not in control as much as we think we are. Walls are just places for doors to be put. Without a wall to support it a door falls down. So walls are good because they are the end of ourselves and the doorway to something better. Not ourself. Not ourself is better than ourself because it draws on what we do not yet know. Mistakes are always doors to something better. Even when taking a test mistakes show is the door we need to find a new way to learn what we are trying to learn.

Usually our first instinct is to get upset.

You can train yourself to have an entirely different reaction. You can be calm and immediately look for the door in the wall to walk through. We are not our own.

photo by dedalus

One Inch From Being There

Working on a project with no end in sight can quickly become discouraging and tedious and horrible.
It seems like nothing will ever change and then one thing changes and it opens up anew road that was not there before. You just never know when you are only one inch away from the answer because until then we are looking in a glass darkly.

Merry Christmas


I just got back from spending three days in silence . NO radio or computer or any distractions. My friend and I  also spent time walking in the cold and not eating anything except fruit and vegetables. We talked about everything but mostly we enjoyed to silence. It is very quiet in Soap Lake and the sky is very big.

We slept a lot too. It was very wonderful and I think it was extremely useful to being well. Everyone should spend time in the quiet at least as often as possible. Being aware of time passing and actually feeling it is a wonderful thing.

I can see why someone would want to live in the wilderness of Alaska . You can feel everything better and your mind is clearer.