There is always a way

We have such little problems compared to what the people did you went before us. the pioneers had so may obstacles that were physical as well as mental to overcome that it should make us feel ashamed of the little mole hills we have.  Just imagine being in the first covered wagon coming across the country and there are rivers and mountains to cross, and oh, yes, lets add the fact that there are no roads either and you are traveling on wooden wheels with all this stuff.

What kind of problems do you have to solve?  Find a job, get out of debt, plan retirement. Well at least if you think about what you COULD be facing it kind of puts things in perspective.

More stick figures

I have found that everything in life is like stickfigures. You just do the barebones outline and life itself fleshes it out. True with ideas and romances and anything productive.

If you don’t do a stick figure then you wont have any outline to hold the rest and you will lose time and precious data.
For example:  my day can be filled with at least a sketchy plan to start with, and then I do the next thing.
With NO sketchy plan, the mind zombies come and pull you into a stupid movie or a ridiculous magazine, and before you know it, the sketch is being made for you by someone else.  That is what advertising is about. The ads are expert at filling in the rest for you too. You just go along for the ride. Only it is not where you wanted to go.

Lets hear it for stick men and stick women. You fill in the rest.

Stick figures

In every creativity book I have ever read one thing is a common denominator. They all say this one thing.
They all say EVERBODY HAS THE UNTAPPED POTENTIAL OF BEING SUPER CREATIVE. then they all have different ways to get there but that is the basic truth.

Usually people say to me “I couldn’t draw a stick figure right.”  I have heard that fifty million times before.
Well guess what…neither can I. And I don’t even care because that is not what being creative is .What they do have right is that drawing is on that side of your brain that is creative . That part is right.

From there it is only only only thinking you can. Somewhere in your past someone told you you were not good at drawing or  singing or even playing according to the rules. And you believed then and slammed that door shut.
I was graced to have had the opposite at a very young age. Someone told me I was unbelievable and I totally believed them. But in reality everybody is unbelievable in different ways and opening the door to trying new things is the only only only way to find what it is that you have. Its like buried treasure. Start digging especially if someone told you something negative in the past. Especially then.

Why Do Anything?

Have you ever considered why you do things?  Most of it is habit.  We go into auto-pilot all the time. Auto-pilot is not where anything new happens.

Why anything is done anyway is just because somebody before you did it that way. It is not the only way or even the best way. It is just the way someone else ventured out tried.  Rethinking an old concept is challenging because A it has not been tested B you dont know where the lines are and C it might cause you pain in some way.

Well A you don’t know it won’t work then-it might. B You can draw your own lines and they might be more interesting and C you might get pain anyway just doing it the old way.

I have a gallery idea that is totally backwards. It might work and it might not, But doing things backward has its own advantages too. Like everything looks different and I might discover a new thing. Left-hand thinking for a right-handed girl. I think this would work for everything. It is kind of mini brainstorming with yourself.