A Great Show

WELL.  I know what makes a great show. Its a show that you don’t forget ever because you connect with people on a deeper level than normal. They really really look at your work and really really see your soul and connect with what you saw and fall in love with what you fell in love with. That is a great show.

That happened in Soap Lake. Both of us had that experience with the crowd. They were not just talking to each other and having a party. That is what it is all about. its not the sales because everybody doesn’t have tons of disposable income these days so it is not that.

We are showing them something at a show. It is probably like a band that is playing and everybody is going crazy for what you are playing. They hear your true voice and answer back. Its like that at a great show. Its not just painting on a wall. It is our deepest vision hanging there and that is no small thing to put out there. That is why it is sometimes scary before the show. I think Susie and I had a world class experience.

What makes a show good??

How do you value a show if you are an artist? Is it selling out, Is it making good connections(read meeting new buyers) Or is it just being aware that you are lucky to even have a show? I choose the latter.

The soap Lake show was amazing in that I met some wonderful people who are so full of stories and life that it is an honor to be with them. Is that valuable? Yes.
I had a chance to show new paintings to people who would for sure not ever see them unless they were brought to them. Is that valuable to them? Yes.
I sold some painting and now some people have me and my soul with them for as long as they want. Are they happy? Yes.
I had the show to paint that I otherwise would not have done unless I had to get this show done. So now I have a finished new body of work. Is that valuable?  Yes.
I got to get away to a place of no stress for three days. Is that worth anything? Yes.

It was a great experience and one I will savor with my co showmate Susie, forever. We did a show together and had a wonderful time. So all in all, it was not New York, but it was great.

Why blog?

Am I blogging for me or you? Why does anyone blog? Who died and made the blogger worth reading?

I was thinking about this the other day and have come to the conclusion that anyone who takes the time to blog is doing it for themselves and others but they are doing it for others to get feedback. this is my life experience but what is yours? This is what I have learned but what have your learned?  Is blogging nothing more than a glorified diary?

If so then I say horray. I love to know what people are really thinking . It is the ultimate reality show. It is very hard to hide your true self on a daily blog. It makes the computer so valuable to connect mentally with others. It is better than a book even because you can respond. I do read other blogs to get information and experiences on topics I care about and to explore new ideas. I don’t think most people lie on blogs. They tell the truth because they need to interaction just like I do. We are relational to the core. Aren’t you glad we need each other?

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