What you have

If you spent even one minute a day focusing on what you don’t have then you will never have enough. If you look at what you do have you will always have enough.
There is a radio show on NPR that is about making something good to eat out of whatever is currently in your fridge. People call up and say oh I have peanut butter and squash and soy milk. what can I make. The woman on the show makes up something hilarious and that is the show.
But it is a good exercise to do.
Most of our waking life is bombarded with ads implying that we are in need of something or other. The result is you feel deprived.
Here we are living in the lap of luxury and we feel deprived.
If you have dirt you can grow food. If you have legs you can walk and go get a job. If you have one friend you are rich.
You just need that attitude.
I have been writing my Dads story of his life and many times he told me of how he used what he had to make something. Even though his parents were immigrants and had to overcome all sorts of obstacles they managed to focus on what they had. They had dirt so they grew things and fed themselves and sold the rest.
We become lazy and uncreative when we are too comfortable.
It is better to be poor and creativie than rich and lazy.
And we are all too rich for our own good.

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