The only thing

Life is hard to live from the inside out. It is way easier from the outside in. But we are stuck with inside out.
That is why it is easy to see what someone else should do but is harder to look at your own situation.
It is hard to be objective about ourselves.
Not only is it easier to see what everyone else should do it is hard not to tell them.
What we should do is listen to everyone else and just do what they say and not worry about it ourselves.
Should being the operative word here.
There is this other thing that gets in the way of perfect vision and that is fear.
The person that is not you has zero fear. They are like a robot.
Too bad we are not robots or we would say that is a great idea and I will impliment it immediately.
But life does not work like that. Insead we wrestle with all the freaked out voices in our brains who are not very helpful.
The scared voices are just trying to protect you from pain but they are the wrong voice to listen to.
The right one is the dispassionate one, it is being logical. The dispassionate voice is wanting the best for you and it has no fear.
Fear is irrational and no fear is rational.

that might sound counterintuitive but it is right on. Given common sence nothing horrible can happen that will kill you except Fear. and that is what we mostly go on.
What a laugh on us. So we do have nothing to fear but fear itself when it comes to planning what to do next.


I have friends that are sophistacated. They are very elegant and refined and charming. Every once in a while they let their hair down and act silly for a couple of minutes. I yearn for those minutes like crazy. I wish half the time was hair down time not just a little leaking out.
Laughing and being silly is such a stress reducer
Sometimes my husband will make me laugh at something in the middle of a fight. It is so hard to be angry and laugh at the same time.
All he has to do is mimic me and it is over for me.
I think comedians are tremendous blessings for everyone else. Don’t you just love it when one walks on stage. For a few minutes you can forget all the hard things.
When I was a kid I used to make my siblings laugh when my Dad was making us work outside, I was just doing it to make it more fun but he was not amused, In fact he would get enraged and throw me out of the work party. Which was good for me too,
I did not get my sence of humor from Dad. He always thought I wa a bit odd.
Too bad because we could have had a great time if he would have joined in and the work would have gotten done.
Next time you have an enraged teenager, try and make them laugh. Mimic what they are saying. If they have half a brain they will be unable to continue being mad.


What value do you give to dreams. Most people give zero value to them.
Not me, I get dreams that are life altering sometimes. I have had dreams where I figured out a problem. I have had dreams that opened doors.
We never stop thinking. Every minute of every day we think think think.
WE never stop. It is like breathing .
That blog I wrote last time about the visusalization of what you would do if you could do anythng for 24 hours then 12 then 6 then one, well I did it.
It was a sort of dream only I was awake.
When you sift down all the best of the best you get to the spectacular and that is what that exercise is all about. sifting.
When you know what the spectacular is for you it gives you clarity to start walking there.
When you see and feel the spectacular idea then it is easier to go straight there.
Otherwise we go all over the place spinning our wheels,
Or get lost in the maze.
I would say that this particular exercise is the most powerful I have ever come up with and I recomment that you do it immediately and take your time because it is totally the most fun thing you can ever do and it feels like you actually are there,
It is like going on the funnest ride in the universe for you.
Did I build it up enough to make you want to try it, Good , go do it especially if you never did anything like this before.

A game

Sometimes I like to play a game called. Imagine anything. then I focus really hard on what I would do if I could do anything I wanted for 24 hours. I laser beam think about this for a few minutes and then imagine what I would do if I could do anything for 12 hours, then six then one.
It is really easy to think of what you would do in one hour after going through all the longer time periods.
Super easy.
Then do that thing.
That is the game. You have to go through all the other visualizations first to get to the last one.
Here is a story to think about. Every day millions of people read blogs and they are looking for some imspiration. That is why everyone reads them or they would not even go there.
So it is like asking a lot of friends to give you advice about everything for a few minutes a day.
This is what most blogs say in a nut shell including mine.
You can do it. I did it and so can you. I am just like you and you are just like me so everyone can do it if they try.
Almost everyone in the whole world does not try. That is why you can do it because whatever is stopping everyone else makes the playing field pretty small.
I am telling you this because someone who is reading this right now has told me a million times to do something and I have not done it but now I am because the playing field is not that big really and I just now got it.
It totally has everything to do with the first part of this blog.

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