There was a time when I thought to do good paintings I had to dance for half a day and then paint. Something told me that was true but I never did it. I kept them separate/
The first idea is right. I was instinctively right the first go round.
Well it is never to late to do what you know you should have done in the first place.
The mind connection between painting and movement is simply it gets the cobwebs out so you can just paint and not fret.
The more tense you are are the more you will struggle to get something good out. And the more you struggle you will just dig your own grave.
But dancing before is a cure for that/
Moving through the air will make you slice through your mind blocks.
If I had a business I would insist everyone take a half hour dance break for every four hours worked. Rythmn is involved in feeling where you have to go/
You know why Woody Allen has such great jokes/// it is his timing. you know why he has great timing. He plays the clarinet.
He feels the timing in his bones.
Your head bone is connected to your arm bone and your arm bone is connected to your heart bone.
We have seasons and waves and day and night. Everything sort of has its own dance. its all connected.
Not working for an artist would be like the earth standing still. everything gets out of wack. You gotta go with the flow. Ride the wave. Move.

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