you can be quiet and assertive.
That is the key. You can’t be just quiet alone. Quiet alone is invisible.
Quiet with assertive is like a nudge.
A nudge is what moves the world along.
Wouldn’t you rather be nudged instead of pushed,
How do you nudge your market?
How do you nudge your children?.
How do you nudge your own life?
Quiet assertion. If you yell at the above they will rebel and go the other way==everytime.
If you just stand there and ignore them they will go the other way also.
But a quiet nudge will move mountains.
People always lean in to hear a whisper.
Always. they think the are missing something important.


My new store is named Iota. just a small space which I love and it is pink. It is going to be filled with things I love and that is all. I will not let anything in that is not what I love.
Every store should be like that. Every dream should be like that.
Every painting should be like that.
You should never never do something just because you think someone will buy it.
You should love it.
Or else you will hate your job eventually and let that stop you from being yourself. You will become a mad person that does not know why you are mad.
You will be sad and not know why.
You can make yourself love something if you put your mind to it so it is not impossible but that should be the goal.
love should be the goal.
Does that sound hippy dippy. well then so be it.
I love going into my store to be and just sitting there looking and dreaming and soaking up juices so I can be a fountain of love.
I will guarantee you that if you do that people will love your store too because you will be a magnet and attract them. That also sounds hippy but it also is true.
If I was going to die next month I would still open the store.
That is the thing. YOU have to love it that much.
It is the most fun thing in the world and it will be wildly successful because it can not be anything but. It is pure.

Karen Hollingsworth

I came across an artist that did such beautiful paintings that I cannot stop thinking about them.
Sometimes when you see work that leaves you awestruck it is hard to go on.
I literally needed a break from thinking about my own work and had to just think about hers.
When I am in the presence of a master I know when to be quiet.
This work is so important that I will not bla bla about it and just let you look.
Shhhhh we are in the presence of a master painter!


I think some people have an unsatisfactory idea of what humility is. A humble person does not think of themselves. They think of others and what can they do to help first and foremost. A humble person does not sit in the corner and not do anything because they are so humble they want someone else more capable than them to do everything.
Hey babe wake up and smell the coffee. You are a self absorbed snob and are hiding behind a false humility mask.
Get out there and give what you have to the world.
don’t had anything under a bushel or a sad face or a shy attitude.
Shy people are not humble they are self absorbed.
I am saying this to my self because even though I am a loud mouth sort of person sometimes I act shy when don’t want to do something.
I am only talking to myself so don’t get any ideas I am thinking of anyone else.
Even loud super confident wacko people like me can pull that card.
No fake humility.
I just realized this while I was weeding the winter weeds.
Them thar weeds was a speaking to me!

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