My enviroment

We moved back to our small house on January first. So we went from a three thousand foot space to a 600 foot space. It is very fortunate for me that we build an art studio before we left last time so I would always have a place to work.
My studio is a wooping 200 square feet. The funny thing is it has affected my work in a way that is huge. It is quiet and light and bright and a calm space to be. The first 7 paintings to get born there are very different from my last show.
Naturally I started out with a clear idea of what the show would look like and then two paintings in everything was telling me to go another direction so I just went with it.
I feel kind of joyous so this is spilling into my work. Last year I was pretty moddy and sullen which is totally apparent in the work.
being a touchy feely kind of person it probably is a good idea to not be in distress when I am painting.
Anyway I love the show and I have a feeling others will too.

white girls

A friend of mine asked me why I don’t do black girls too. I think I should say here that I only paint faces that are saying what I need them to say. My girls are not portraits of someone or some specific race but just feminine in general. I do simple lines and what I need to say in in those lines. It is just what my voice is and so I do not want anyone to take it as some kind of declaration of who I think is paintable. I only paint what speaks to me so that way I am not trying to please some imaginary audience.
My lastest show is a little differant from the last in that it is more focused on the background than just leaving it negative space. the background is speaking to me right now and I have to listen so in this one show now that is how it is different. I am enjoying looking at this new perspective with the woman in the painting being secondary.
Plus I moved to a new studio that feels so enveloping that it is necessary to focus on everything surrounding me. Before I was pretty focused on one thing.
so white girls green girls red girls,, that is not the point right now. It is the ambiance I am going for / You have to walk into these paintings .

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