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I am going to be in Portland feeding my brain for a couple of days so I am writing two blogs right now.

Why do we like someone immediately?  Why is it possible to even love someone two minutes after you meet them. This has happened tome quite a few times. In fact unless it happens in two minutes then it never will.

I have a theory about this. People have either open spirits or closed. Everybody has a pretty spirit but they have to show it. If you cant walk around with it exposed all the time you will never find anyone to love you. You cannot love a closed spirit person. There is nothing to see and appreciate and love with the door slammed shut. You can admire that person but you cannot love them. Life it way to short not to love everyone possible. An open spirit person is one you have to vibe out. It is not necessarily a person who talks a lot about themselves. You just just have to have an open spirit. How else can I say this. You can even look in someones eyes and see in two seconds open or closed. If they dont even know you but look interested in you then they are open. If they look like they are bored with you then they are closed. Some people think aloof is great but I think it is death and horrible. Who are they trying to impress???

My philosophy is impress no one and love everyone. Think about how you are in the narthex between services. Open or closed?


Too much of anything is not good. You need contrast to see anything.  I took some photos of my child when he was a little baby laying on the sidewalk outside my house in San Francisco. His little body was so soft and sweet it looked great on the cracked cement.

I entered this photo in a contest and it won first prize.

I am not even a photographer. I had a cheap  camera but I still won.

You can do anything if you want to.

I don’t even have that photograph anymore.

I t doesn’t matter. I remember it.

there is a scene in the movie Harold and Maude where Harold gives Maude a ring and she throws it in the bay, and says “so I always will know where it is.”

Contrast is everything. otherwise everything is a blur.

it is not enough

It is not enough to want to do something. You have to do it.
It is not enough to have a great idea. Whoever does it should get full credit.
It is not enough to be talented or smart and anything easy.
You get no points for any of those things.
NObody gives a rip what you have the potential of doing.
Only what you actually do counts.

Being easy on the eyes means nothing, being rich means nothing. Being an extrovert means nothing. Having all the chips fall into place means nothing. The only thing that counts is what you do for everyone else. That is the goal, do something everyone can benefit from and you will automatically be wealthy. Then you will be like compost. As soon as you are rich compost and use everything you have for the benefit others, life will have meaning beyond you. That is what you want in the end.  It’s not how great you appear but how much you gave.

photo from this guy


I am a bit of a nomad. I get restless if I live in a place more than a year or so. I start looking for somewhere else to go. I am lucky my husband bought three houses so we could live in each for awhile. Now I live in a big house and am yearning for a small house again.

I thought I would like all this space but I don’t. I functioned better when we were in a small space. Now the big house is full of stuff. I think a house should be filled with people not stuff. Big houses are like garages now.

In the old days big houses meant lots of children lived in them.  But now big houses are just full of stuff. I always read about tiny houses. I love to see how little space you can live in. I think I would like to live in an RV too. Or a boat. Someplace small. Now I heat the this whole big house and nobody is in the rooms. Warm air for nobody. 

Anyone out there reading this live in a small space? Tell me about it.

San Francisco

When I was young and lived in San Francisco, there was another thing that happened to me. There was another thing that I did. I sold art door to door. This might sound impossible but that is what I did. I thought if I got several artists to paint my picture I could go around to all the houses and they could have their picture painted by the artist that they liked. I thought, well photographers do that why not artists. Goofy as it sounded it worked. I found several artists and they all did a portrait of me and I walked around and sold art.

A woman answered the door at the first house I went to and said “Oh what a great idea. Oh sure let them come and do our family portrait.” It was a hundred dollars a person in the painting. The client was happy to have the artist come to their house and do that.  Sometimes clients wanted something different. One house had three guys living there and they wanted a picture of them all drawn like start trek characters. That cost more but they were delighted with the picture.

Looking back I cannot believe I did this funny job that I made up. But the clients were happy because I came to them and they did not have to find me. I found them. That started me on the art brokering idea. I went to businesses too after that and then I really found clients on a larger scale. I called my business “Art in my Heart” That is the most unsophisticated name in the universe but then I did not care. I was into being honest and true and that was exactly how I felt.

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