First Instinct

Everysooften, I do a painting that  feels great right out of the shoot. It just sort of sings to me Here I am I am done don’t touch me. It is exciting and wonderful and the reason I paint ever anytime or at all.

When you get to that point(if you are so lucky) run away from the studio. Do not stand there and let your rational brain take over and start just doing one more thing and one more thing then correcting the one more thing . Before you know it the painting is gone forever into the  void never to return. The spark went out and you are now trying to find it again by dumping water on it with a firehose. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened.

Do not be me. Do not over think it. just rejoice and get away from the paint. Wash them up put them away step away from the studio. Go clean your house in celebration that God visited you and blessed you with a masterpiece. Do not question Him.  Overworked paintings feel like it. YOU CAN FEEL A PAINTING THAT IS TRYING TO RESOLVE BUT IT CANT BECAUSE YOU WENT TO FAR.

this is the most important thing to learn when you are  starting out.

The Rain

Thank God for the rain

it washes down over my sad body

it covers the tears that are still coming

and joins them and carries them away till they hit the earth

washes them into the earth to water  the ground of hope and renewal

one hundred thousand tears flood into the rain and together waterfall down.

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