This Market

In this market in which we are drowning, a good thing is happening. We are being forced to make a better product, since the only things selling are the best things. Ok is not good enough. good is not good enough.  Houses and Art and entertainment all have to be the best. You have to get a lot for your money. There is no free and easy money like a few years back.

That being said this an incredible time to buy art. Most artists are doing their finest work because they have to. This is a fine time to be an art broker as if you have a client you will have an assortment like you never had before. Hard times make us better. Some really great art was done during the depression, so expect to see that again. These are the best of times and the worst of times …. again!

Blog marketing research

What I like about a blog is to get in and get out and get something you can use. I don’t like looking at a bunch of pictures. The most perfect blog is the tinyhouseblog. It is perfect because it has one picture of the new concept and a few paragraphs about it. Not ten million pictures of bla bla and then you have to look for the meat.

I want the meat served up. Todays meat for you is this. I am telling you this because if you are reading this then you probably have a blog too and that is what I am looking for and I assume everyone else in the universe too. Don’t tell me about your day. Tell me your really great idea and then get out. breaking and entering.  My time is important and so is yours.

I like Seth Godins blog too. He only says one thing and gets out. Yes and amen to that.


Color can be the weirdest thing .First of all it is nice that we even have color. What a wonderful treat. With that in mind I think you should use it wherever you can. You can get used to the most unusual colors if you just start seeing them.

Fashion is pretty funny. Everybody likes certain colors just because you start to see them everywhere. Humans must like to feel safe so they pick the same colors as they see everywhere and say oh this is the fashion.

Every color is beautiful.  Except beige. I painted my upstairs apartment this taupe color so it would be neutral and  everyone would like it but now I think I was being a lemming. I hate the beige taupe whatever that color is. You don’t have beige flowers. If God did not make any flower beige than I think we should boycott it.

I think the upstairs should be coral and the outside of the house a clear aqua. If you love beige tell me why. Tell me why you love beige.  Neutral smootral . I mean really you only live once.


I like to go on rampages looking for something I haven’t seen before. Sometimes I need to come up with a new concept and I look madly everywhere for a new idea. a new look a new sentiment a new image a new place.

I basically draw two eyes and a nose and a mouth about a million times a day in my head and a few hundred times on the canvas. I want something that makes me feel like I want to know this person. I hate hate hate the pretty face with nothing behind those eyes. Models have that vapid look. Like they haven’t had a thought in their whole lives. I am looking for a fire that I can connect to. No fire no painting.

People say oh you paint the eyes the same. It may look like that to you but to me they are each different. they each say something unique. to me. the question is do they each say something different to you. the client. Each person who buys my work is my client. I am working for them. I am working for you.

I am existing and pouring my soul out for you to gain something from. That is what everyone does on earth. we give things to each other. we give what we have. what I have is whatever I can see when I am done rampaging.