I like to go on rampages looking for something I haven’t seen before. Sometimes I need to come up with a new concept and I look madly everywhere for a new idea. a new look a new sentiment a new image a new place.

I basically draw two eyes and a nose and a mouth about a million times a day in my head and a few hundred times on the canvas. I want something that makes me feel like I want to know this person. I hate hate hate the pretty face with nothing behind those eyes. Models have that vapid look. Like they haven’t had a thought in their whole lives. I am looking for a fire that I can connect to. No fire no painting.

People say oh you paint the eyes the same. It may look like that to you but to me they are each different. they each say something unique. to me. the question is do they each say something different to you. the client. Each person who buys my work is my client. I am working for them. I am working for you.

I am existing and pouring my soul out for you to gain something from. That is what everyone does on earth. we give things to each other. we give what we have. what I have is whatever I can see when I am done rampaging.

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  1. Shari, you should go to the downtown library and ask the reference desk to see their old – 1930’s old – ladies home journal magazines, vogue, whatever they have.(plan to spend some time, you can’t check out this material). You will get completely different faces. Also look through National Geographic magazines. They have the best pictures of real people. Look at old people, weather worn people, people from very foreign places. Let those images bounce around in your head for a few days and then go back to painting. Your young women will have more character.

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