Color can be the weirdest thing .First of all it is nice that we even have color. What a wonderful treat. With that in mind I think you should use it wherever you can. You can get used to the most unusual colors if you just start seeing them.

Fashion is pretty funny. Everybody likes certain colors just because you start to see them everywhere. Humans must like to feel safe so they pick the same colors as they see everywhere and say oh this is the fashion.

Every color is beautiful.  Except beige. I painted my upstairs apartment this taupe color so it would be neutral and  everyone would like it but now I think I was being a lemming. I hate the beige taupe whatever that color is. You don’t have beige flowers. If God did not make any flower beige than I think we should boycott it.

I think the upstairs should be coral and the outside of the house a clear aqua. If you love beige tell me why. Tell me why you love beige.  Neutral smootral . I mean really you only live once.

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