The genius of simplicity

I have been pondering the genius needed to reduce something, anything down to the most important elements.
In art and relationships and every aspect of life it is the reduction that makes communication possiible.
To communicate is our main function on earth.
And to communicate in a simple pure clean way is a gift.
things do not have to be complicated.
Learning how to reduce the noise of what you are looking at or being with and see the essential is really quite mind blowing.
Confusion and stress and convoluted discussions all lead to zero communicating.
This very morning I had a revelation about this through looking at an illustration. A japanese artist did this work and her name is Sato Kanae.

That is when it occured to me that noise is my biggest problem.
So in a flash the connection between all the ideas I have been having about painting sort of congealed into this one thought. It is a gift to be simple.

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