negative space

My husband found out recently that he has ADD, He spent all his life thinking he was so slow (which he is). But it is because he is overloaded with too much at on time in his brain to process. He slows down so he can focus.
To make his life easier we have to par the house down so it does not have a lot of distracting overwhelming things . things have to be organized and put away. there has to be negative space in his life to breathe.
All these things are good for everyone.
That is why it is so calming to look at the ocean or a mountain range or the desert that goes for miles and miles.
To design your life with a balance of quiet and emotional space then you too will think better. I am so glad to have this challenge in my life. Tiny house or no you can make quiet space. This video attached to this blog is the innermost house. a tiny house with both of those things.

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