Jean Michel Basquiat

I was watching a documentary on Jean Michel Basquiat the artist. The seemingly unbelievable jump from nobody to blue chip artist is shocking. Some people work furiously while they are alive as though they know they don’t have much time.

Some people act like they have all the time in the world to do all they want to do. Artist should work furiously even if you live to a hundred. The more you work the faster you will get better.

I will tell you a story. About 11 years ago just before I got into a gallery I decided to quit being an artist. I thought  because I had all this work and no noticeable success I would read the writing on the wall and just let it go. If you haven’t made it by now, forget it. As soon a I quit and told my husband I would quit trying so hard for nothing, as soon as I did that something happened. I got a big job out of nowhere. My husband was all for me quitting. we were yes and amening my decision when the phone rang and everything changed. Literally. overnight. I went from a trickle to a storm overnight. overnight.

Jean Michel went from nothing to something overnight but it was too fast and too much so he died. it is better to have some time to get used to each part of the journey so you can handle the stress of being on top. People think it would be great to just be on top but the top has it trials and they are way way different than just being invisible. Ask anyone who is on the top . Its a bed of roses with new thorns. Not that I am anywhere near the top , but I know people that are and that is what it is like.

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