I am working on some valentines for the shop to sell for an inexpensive little gift for someone. I am writing love notes on the sides of the paintings. and It is so much fun that I feel like I am in love . Funny how that is. The sun is out and the effects of the light is feeding the love. Sound silly. well it is not.

Yesterday I was totally in the dumps and that it is unusual for me. I was thinking about negative things and not having any energy to get away from them. But the valentines got me up and out of my weird thoughts and into how wonderful other people are. Love chases away sadness like a whip, snap it right out of you.

Write someone a valentine and give it to them. it lasts longer if you put it in a card so they can touch it when they feel blue.  Blue and red make purple and purple is a royal color that you cannot be sad in. Impossible.

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